Yelp January 07, 2016

I am currently in the process of getting my official license and even though I have driven with Coach Al once so far he was a really great teacher! Very patient also calm and so very helpful!

---Emma S.

Facebook December 29, 2016

I was a 52 year old man who NEVER sat betted Me wheel of an automobile (go-karts don’t count!) I recently migrated here from NYC for a new, different and better life! I took Coach AI’s course and I have to say Coach Al is a WIZARD when it comes to getting NOVICE drivers of ANY age driving SAFELY, COMFORTABLY & RESPONSIBLY!!!! The entire staff is FANTASTICALLY KNOWLEDGEABLE & REASSURING! In NO time, Coach AI had me driving in traffic I would never, ever have thought I, me, myself would EVER find myself driving in…. night time, RUSH HOUR traffic!!! You will receive EVERYTHING you NEED to be COMPETENT, CONFIDENT and CAPABLE behind the wheel, be it normal everyday driving or emergency situational I’m ETERNALLY GRATEFUL to Coach AI and his staff for giving me the FREEDOM I NEVER possessed before. I HIGHLY recommend Coach AM Driving School to ANYONE who is even THINKING about getting behind the wheel of a vehicle ……. DON’T DO IT WITHOUT COACH AL!!!!!!!

---Tracy G

Yelp December 15, 2016

I’ve had a great experience with coach Al and his staff. Due to the upcoming holidays I had a small amount of time to pass my driving test and coach Al accommodated my request with only a few days notice. He’s a very qualified and patient coach and helped me correct my mistakes and feel comfortable on the road. I’ll definitely recommend his business to new drivers.

---Cheikh S.

Facebook December 15, 2016

Sent my oldest daughter to the other “popular’ driving school in ABQ. What a disaster – boring teachers, bored driving instructors, didn’t prep my kid to drive on NM streets…Sent my 2nd daughter to coach AL’s.

What a difference! She loved the class, gained a hunch of confidence in a hurry. Loved the opportunity to drive home from class with an instructor or get picked up from school with other students and drive around until class. And saved me a bunch of trips and the hassle of scheduling her driving hours.

She is happy, I am happy, worth every penny. My third kid is definitely going to Coach Al’s!

---Cooper Williams.

Facebook December 5, 2016

I took classes with coach als driving school and i loved it and got a half credit towards graduating high school

---Veronica Serna

Yelp November 2, 2016

Oh my goodness. Al is the best: driving teacher and conversationalist. I’m new to town and was freaking out about driving here in ABQ (I’m a really new driver – got my license 4 months ago), so I took a bunch of lessons with Al. It was seriously the best investment I could have made in my safety and my peace of mind. He pointed out things to look out for with my driving, but made me feel totally calm behind the wheel. Not only did I learn a lot and gain more confidence in my driving out here, Al is so much fun to hang out with while driving. Kay at the office, who I arranged everything with, is great too. Excellent customer service, friendly, professional, and super knowledgeable. Thank you thank you thank you for everything!!! 🙂

---Nicky S.

Google October 2016

Just finished up my last session with Coach Al earlier today and my experiences in his class and on the road with him were very outstanding I got a lot out of it if you want the best driving school in town for your kids I highly recommend coach al for sure he actually cares about his students and takes care of us my money was worth well worth it and if you’re an adult that’s a first time driver like I am coach al is the way to go!

---Noah DHBC

Google October 2016

As a new driver and new to town, I got lessons with Al to get to know ABQ and improve my driving in general. Al is incredible, not only as an instructor but also someone to spend time with. He made me feel calm and gain a lot more confidence behind the wheel. I couldn’t recommend Coach Al’s Driving School any more highly, it’s excellent.

---Nicky Stringfellow

Google October 2016

Coach al makes it fun to learn and helps us as much as he can, I was fully prepared to take the provisional test and I passed. I highly recommend this driving class for whoever is looking.

---Cecilia Ponce

Google October 2016

This school is great!!! I would highly recommend families to look at this school. We attended another school then we went to Coach Al for some additional time and education since our kid did not get what he needed from the other school. He really liked it and his driving level increased tremendously! Our other kid will only go to Coach Al’s school. Thanks for Coach Al and Ernie!

---Ux Dx

Google September 2016

I just finished taking drivers ed at this driving school and it was one of the best times I’ve had. They had me drive on the highway, in the rain, and at night! I got my permit within the first week and passed the permit and provisional test with ease. I learned the importance of safe driving through excellent instruction and will definitely be recommending this school to all my friends!

---Domo Jordan

Google September 2016

I had a really great time in Coach Al’s driving school. I learned a lot about saftey and the rules of the road. I enjoyed this particular class because it’s unlike the rest, Coach Al and his partner Eddie are very passionate about what they do and I got very attached to them and everyone I took the course with. They both have different things to teach from both of their personal experiences. It is very interesting and if I had the choice id do it again.


Google August 31, 2016

Coach Al’s driving school not only tought me about safe and defensive driving, tought showed me and my whole class so much more. It was the place to be if you not only want a fantastic drivers ed experience lots of fun and you and anyone else a better driver and person.

---Joe Levy

Google August 2016

Thank you, Al. Max (Mlady) has had nothing but positive things to say about class. Thanks for taking good care of him.

One thought we had while talking about class was talking to the kids about how to act when pulled over by an officer, or do a run through of what it might look like. What you can do, what you shouldn’t do, etc. – in light of all the attention that has been given to that interaction lately in the media. Maybe you guys covered it already. Just a thought.

You left a positive impression on our kiddo – thanks so much!!

---Victoria Mlady

Facebook August 15, 2016

I feel like Coach Al and his team really care about his students of all ages. The parent class opened my eyes to some of the mistakes I make. I want to be a safe driver, hopefully my daughter can teach me some new driving techniques.

---Jeana Miller

Google August, 2016

Absolutely love this school! All the instructors let you get to know them before going out on the road, the classes are always to the point yet entertaining and not boring! defiantly recommend!!!

---Misty May

Google July, 2016

Great School all around. The teachers actually go over everything and give you hands on experience in real traffic. You get to learn with a hilarious group of instructors and actually learn with them, rather than just watch videos like other schools. I highly recommend this school to anyone who needs to learn to drive.

---Geno Conahan

Google July, 2016

Coach Al’s driving school was a great experience. I’m one of his many student and I can say with confidence that with his and coach Eddie’s help I’ve become a well educated and capable drivers. The classes are fun and interesting and the instructors are awesome people, as well as great mentors. Thank you.

---Kalamity LoPrinzi

Google Jun 25, 2016

I was a student at Coach Al’s Driving School to get my permit and learn the rules of the road and how be a safe defensive driver. Coach Al Guadagnoli and Coach Eddie Torres did just that. They explained it all in crystal clear detail and made it fun to learn it and not just another rule to follow. They showed me how to parallel park, park drivers side and passenger side and also the pivot points of a vehicle. They even also showed me driving isnt that scary and that anyone can be a defensive safe driver no matter who you are. Also I was showed the real life fact of what DWI does to the community. It doesn’t just hurt you it hurts everyone and may hurt your loved one. I highly recommend Coach Al’s Driving School for all who want to learn safe driving and how to be a better driver. He even goes the extra mile to help his kids even outside the classroom. The price is so affordable and you get world class service too. His wife Kay the office administrative assistant is truly amazing and does so much to support the community of new drivers and clients. Cynthia from the Traffic Safety Division was also really friendly and cool she worked well with me and showed me fun ways to remember the rules of the road. If i had to chose just two words to describe Coach Al & his staff and the school all in one. I would say it is “Truly Exceptional”. Thank you Coach Al, Coach Eddie, Cynthia, Kay for teaching me it was a privilege to be your student !.

---Matthew Gutierrez

Google Jun 25, 2016

Coach Al and his staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. I had never driven before and by the end of the class sessions I hade acquired the skills that I needed to feel safe and confident driving.

---Zarina Maguire

Google Jun 24, 2016

I had a great time learning with Coach Al and Eddie. They were always there for help and guidance. Overall a great experience.

---Declan McPherson

Google Jun 8, 2016

Before Coach Al’s driving school I knew nothing about driving or even how to drive down a straight road. But now after having classes with Coach Al and Coach Eddie I’m learning a lot of skills and getting better at things I never was able to do! Coach Al is hilarious and makes driving school really fun!! Everyone should go there!

---Nessa Williams

Google – June 7, 2016

If you are a parent like me, the idea of sitting in the passenger seat while your offspring takes a several ton vehicle on the road with other drivers who are taking selfies, texting and what ever else when they should be driving, is daunting and panic inducing, then I recommend calling Coach Al’s Driving School to schedule your child immediately. We worked with Coach Eddie, who by the way, is a police officer. Needless to say, he has nerves of steel. We purchased the 7 hour private lesson package and every penny was worth it because my son is a confident driver who understands his responsibility when commandeering the wheel of a vehicle. I am telling everyone I know that Coach Al’s Driving School *is* the driving school to invest in.

---Stephanie Bieniewski

Google May 2016

This class is amazing! We learn a lot of things such as parking, driving, and the rules of the road. He is a great teacher and he makes his class fun! Thank you coach Al keep up the good work.

---Joshua Gurule

Google May 2016

Night driving – LOVE IT!! My child always was good at telling me what I wasn’t doing right.

---Fran Calvert

Google May 2016

I had private driving classes with Coach Al and am really happy with my progress. He can make you comfortable with driving even if you’re just a beginner. Very experienced and fun to work with!

---Natalya Khokhlova

April 26, 2016

I had private driving classes with Coach Al and am really happy with my progress. He can make you comfortable with driving even if you’re just a beginner. Very experienced and fun to work with!

---Natalya Khokhlova

April 24, 2016

Coach Al,

After completing your driving course, I decided to volunteer for the Fire Department. I passed all the driving tests for the emergency vehicles with flying colors. I think it was so easy for me because of the good foundation your course provided me.

---Darren Chavez

March 29, 2016

“Hi Al,

Just watched your video on 10 & 2 steering you posted and thought it was very good. I drive an hour each way to work every day and have experimented with all the positions 9&3, 8&4 7& 5 and only recently have found myself driving 11&1 & 10&2 which I found comfortable. Your video was really well explained and fun but also made me realize I was driving as you had recommended in the video.

I had read so much about don’t hold the wheel at 10 & 2 as the air bag will damage your hands but all other positions made me feel I was not in good control of my vehicle. Thanks for confirming what I have always believed if you steer the car correctly you would not expect your air bag to go off due to good control of the car. The recent articles and videos on the subject have made drivers attempt to change their already safe driving control which I found to be unhelpful myself and I have read tons on the subject. Thanks for posting the video which has made me really pleased that I am doing the correct driving control and is very comfortable during my long journey each day.

I would hope you have other videos that you use to teach your new pupils using the same presentation short, fun and to the point.

I drove in Coach Al steering mode tonight and it worked a treat.

Good luck and best wishes!”

---Duncan Campbell from Scotland

March 28, 2016


---Phill Selph

January 26, 2016

“Great instructor! I would recommend this school to anyone I know.”

---Krystal Luvv

January 19, 2016

“After the fiasco I went through with my sons previous driving school it was a breath of fresh air to speak with Kay and Coach Al. They were wonderful from beginning to end, very friendly and knowledgeable. My son is very shy and doesn’t warm up to most people quickly but he was very comfortable with Coach Al and enjoyed driving with him. Thank you guys so so much. Awesome experience all the way around.”

---Teresa Lavender

"I just returned from a driving lesson with Coach Al, and the experience was great.  Coach Al is a experienced instructor who gives direction without making the student driver feel nervous. I would highly recommend Coach Al's driving school to parents and their future driver's."

---Annmarie Teresa

“…you are an excellent instructor who ensures that proper procedures are learned before progressing….On behalf of the traffic Safety Bureau and the staff here at the IPL/Transportation Safety Center, thank you and keep up the outstanding work.”

— Kirt W. Heider, Transportation Safety Center
Institute of Public Law

“I appreciate the way you help all the students to have fun, but have extremely high standards for the students.”

— Dee Andrews

“It is rare to meet a person of Mr. Al “Coach” W. Guadagnoli’s character and kindness.”

— Jim Sydow

“It’s clear that EVERYBODY has something to learn about safe driving and we can ALL do better!”

— Louis Bledsoe

“We are fortunate to have Mr. Guadagnoli teaching Drivers Ed in this state.”

— Marina L. Macrorie

Class size limited to 30 students 

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