Classroom 2Coach Al and his team of professional and experienced instructors teach defensive driving techniques; delivering safe, confident, informed, and patient drivers to Albuquerque, Bernalillo and surrounding areas.

Discounts up to $35 on Package

Friends or Family

  • If you invite a friend or family member to join and register in the same class
  • If you register for class and you had a sibling complete Coach Al’s Driving School prior

Military Active Duty, Retired or Completed Service

  • If you have an immediate family member, you qualify

Firefighter or Police Officer Active Duty or Retired

  • If you have an immediate family member, you qualify


  • Immediate family members entail parents and siblings.
  • The requirement is to bring this to our attention prior to the first day of class.
  • Please call the office to have discount applied.

Refund Policy

If you paid in advance for a private driving lesson or class session for you or a student that you wish to cancel, you can receive a full refund as long as you notify us at least one business day in advance of the scheduled lesson or class. You will need to call the office or email a request to cancel. Canceling without notice of at least one business day prior to lesson or session will result in a $35 fee.

If you or the student need to withdraw from a class session once started, you will be charged a $5 registration fee plus $15 for each classroom session attended and $45 for each hour of driving the student completed. Please discuss with instructor the reason for withdrawing and then call the office or email a request to cancel.

Keep in mind, if timing is a problem, you can always change the date of the lesson or class session to another date and apply your payment!

*All prices include taxes and fees


PACKAGE – Driver’s Ed Classroom & Behind the Wheel

  • NM State mandated requirements of 30-hours classroom and DWI instruction
  • Minimum age to take class is 15-yrs by the start of 2nd week.
  • Teaches the theory of responsible driving with emphasis on defensive driving skills, interactive curriculum focusing on the rules and regulations of driving by means of lectures, group discussion, and interactive group activities.
  • Basic auto maintenance and how to change a tire
  • Includes the MVD Knowledge Exam
  • Includes 7-hours behind the wheel driving instruction conducted on the range and public roads. Drive time is scheduled before and after the scheduled classroom time. If needed, may be conducted on those days outside of classroom days.
  • Includes the MVD Road Test Skill Exam with the state approved Completion Certificate.
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Behind the Wheel Training – ONLY

  • Private lessons one-on-one with certified licensed instructor.
  • 7-hours behind the wheel is conducted on the range and on-road training.
  • Can be tailored to the needs of the student, i.e. beginners, specific routes, safety in various scenarios and building confidence.
  • Training in auto control, road management, scanning, decision making, hazard management, highway control, and defensive driving tips.
  • Driving routes include: residential, downtown, parking, highway, and interstate

Purchase private BTW driving instruction “Buy by the Hour” @ $55. Please contact the office for details.

Call Coach Al’s Driving School to schedule a convenient time and location.

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Traffic School – Court Referred Driver Improvement

  • Classroom hours may vary as mandated by a NM county specific court judge for traffic school resulting from a traffic violation. Although completion of the class does not remove the fine, it typically eliminates the traffic violation from an individual’s driving record. Circumstances do vary.
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NM State MVD Driver’s Road Test

  • Required by Motor Vehicle Dept. to obtain a New Mexico driver’s license
  • Coach Al works with your schedule and can get you in the same day you call.
  • NM State MVD also provides the driver’s road test at a higher cost, and you may be put on an extended waiting list.
  • Vehicle provided by Coach Al’s Driving School
  • Call Coach Al’s Driving School to schedule a convenient time and location.
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